Bulk Milk Cooling Machine

Technical Details :-

  • Material : SS 304/316

  • Shape & Orientation : Vertical cylindrical open type

  • Type of refrigerant : R22/R-404

  • Type of insulation : By injection – CFC Free High density PUF, 40 kg/cu.m

  • Insulation Efficiency : At 50deg.C ambient, the rate of rise of mean temperature of milk initially at 4deg.C shall not exceed 1deg.C in 4 hours when rated volume is allowed to standstill as per requirement of ISO 5708 2A(II)

We offer Bulk Milk Cooling Machine Manufacturers, which are ideal for the improvement of milk quality. These milk Chiller are widely used in milk collection centers, big dairies, village cooperatives / milk cooperatives, and agriculture industry for the storage of milk. Our milk Chiller are compact, robust and easy to clean and can also be installed indoor as well as outdoor.

Bulk Milk Chiller

Bulk Milk Chiller Suppliers, direct expansion type, range 300 litres to 5000 litres. These Bulk Milk Chiller Manufacturers are for installing at village Dairy Cooperative Society which Collects the milk everyday in the morning and evening from milk producers. The Milk collected shall be stored in the Bulk Milk Chiller 300 - 2000 Ltr and cooled from the ambient Temperature to 4 degree centigrade within 3 hours.

Bulk Cooling Tank

Our milk Cooling are made from the high quality stainless steel that are easy to maintain and use. Our uniquely designed Bulk Cooling Tank Suppliers are in high demand in the industry and are installed in the dairy farms. We have long tail of the clients all over India as we are well known for the availability of Bulk Cooling Tank Manufacturers with different capacity with various configurations.

We are foremost Bulk Milk Chiller manufacturer in India at the core of the company's extensive range of dairy products. Manufacturing quality, finish and cooling efficiency ensures that our tanks stand out from the rest. To reinforce our commitment to total quality, all our Bulk Cooling Tank have been designed to conform to ISO 5708-2A II - Latest Version with not more than 3 hours cooling time from 35 to 4 Degree C for first milking, from 19.5 to 4 degree C for IInd milking and not more than 1.5 hours for a milking i.e. from 10 to 4 degree c. Whereas the tank has been made of AISI 304 SS with adequate thickness to ensure robustness, durability& adaptability, due care has been taken while selecting the Compressor, condensing unit, agitator motor and other parts in Bulk Milk Cooling Machine to ensure trouble-free service to the users.

Technomond Steel Industries

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