E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine

E-Rickshaw Water ATM

E-Rickshaw Water ATM

Technical Details :-

Capacity Range : 300 Ltr to 1000 Ltr

Material : SS 304/316

Insulation : PUF Insulation

Calibration with : Card and Coin

Special Features : RO System and Chiller (if required)

E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine Manufacturers

E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine is the another form of water atm machine that can be operated remotely and one can sell water from any preferred location. The best part of E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine is that it doesn’t require any space as compared to Water ATM. E-Rickshaw is a beautiful concept, wherein it comes with a storage tank of 350 litres and an inbuilt chiller that maintain water temperature for 12 hours. Moreover, it has similar functionality like Water Vending machine and people can avail affordable pure drinking water.

E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine Manufacturers is a technology wherein Water storage is fixed over a heavy loaded rickshaw that comes with 04 batteries (100 AMP) and gives the flexibility to drive 70 km after single recharge. Similarly, as Water ATM it consists single/dual dispenser. E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine is also a kind of New business opportunity for the people in Tier 2 & 3 towns. One can earn around 4000-5000 rupees on daily basis depending upon water consumption of the locality.

Further, many different corporations are coming up with new ideas just to fulfil their goal of delivering healthy water across the country like one corporation in India is planning to install 15 coin-operated E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine Suppliers around North India so that devotees and visitors could fill one-litre bottle for Rs.2 and half a litre bottle for Re. 1 coin which is actually very cheaper than bottled water.